How to measure


So, you decided to buy clothes online. In order to get the correct size, it is advisable to precisely measure your body. This way, you will have the measurements and the ability to convert to size systems.

Measure tape

There are many measure tapes. Get yourself one that is convenient, and has inches and/or centimeters. If you do not have one, or the one you have is too short, you can measure with a flexible thread, and then stretch it over a ruler to get the final result. For accuracy with larger body types, it is advisable to get help from your partner of friend.

How to measure

It is vital to measure naked and barefoot.

Neck: in the widest part, as close as possible to the soulders. You can put one finger inside the tape to get increased freedom of movement.

Bust: in the widest part, under the armpits around the back. You can measure while wearing a comfortable bra. You can also measure while seated, to make sure the cloth will not be too small.

Waist: roughly the belly button area and around the back.

Hips: while standing, hips attached, in the fullest part.

Leg: starting from the crotch, where the pieces of fabric in your pants intersect, draw the measuring tape down the inside of one leg and to the very bottom of the pant leg where it would naturally hang around your shoe.

Shoulder: simply from one shoulder, along the back to the other shoulder.

Sleeve/Arm: from the end of the shoulder to the wrist.

Zip: from the top of the belt to the crotch.

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